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Men’s Japanese Waves Silver Necklace

Men’s Japanese Waves Silver Necklace

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Men’s Japanese Waves Silver Necklace

The inspiration behind this design comes from Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai, who famously painted Japanese Waves. The intent of this design was to create a symmetrical pattern consisting of circular lines radiating outward, capturing the powerful movement of the ocean. At the center of each wave are fifteen round ocean blue diamonds. The necklace is hand fabricated from hand pulled silver wire; the pendant was designed using Rhino3D software followed by 3D printing on a SolidScape Printer.

This is a made to order item. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this necklace.

~ Style Name: Men’s Japanese Waves Silver Necklace

~ Style Number: MJWSN-1001

~ Metal Type: Sterling Silver

~ Total Weight: 31 Dwts.

~ Measurements: Chain 21” inches / Pendant 35.7 mm x 26 mm

~ Stones: Blue Diamonds (Radiated)

~ Est. Diamond Weight:  .15 ct.

~ Diamond Size: 1.4 mm  Rounds

~ Diamond Clarity: VS1

~ Chain Type:  Round Link

~ Finish: Heavy Satin Finish / Blackened  

~ Retail Price: $1,800.00


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